Introducing Next-Gen nutrition

Enjoy the best of both worlds
with Nutri-Ice®:

a nutritionally enriched ice cream that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

“Perfect for hospitals, gyms, health food stores and grocery stores
Nutri ice cream for every health-conscious consumer.”

“We’ve created a range of ice cream made with all natural ingredients, fortified with protein and DJK8®, our own unique blend of 8 certified encapsulated minerals and vitamins for maximum benefit”

Consultant Doctor & Co-Founder Jon Krell

Proof that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for nutrition

We believe

Great taste is our key driver in getting nutrition rich food to patients and foodies alike.

Our mission

To increase the availability and deliciousness of health focused food in the healthcare industry and beyond.

Our purpose

To put the ‘treat’ in treat-ment food.

“…These are a great treat to have when you don’t feel well and especially in hospital…..”

Patient tester (66 years old)

“…Very enjoyable especially in hospital and I would take them at home as well. Not as rich as normal ice cream and the texture is a little different but I would definitely recommend these over ensures which I am never able to drink……”

Patient tester

“…Really liked the cappuccino and chocolate and would add these to smoothies or as a boost…”

Resident of a nursing home