Our Story

“Perfect for hospitals, gyms, health food stores and grocery stores
Nutri ice cream for every health-conscious consumer.”

Patient nutrition needs a
shake up!

So many patients struggle with traditional nutritional drinks. Many wouldn’t touch them and if they did, they rarely finished them.

There had to be a better way … Our brief was simple. We wanted to get more nutrition into less volume. It had to be more natural, soothing, really tasty and a treat. Happy mind, happy body. I didn’t want the association many patients had with the drinks they just really didn’t like or want.

Insight-led nutritional innovation, the cornerstone of everything we do

We researched many products and knew it had to be a treat. Something delicious and so tasty you finished every bite … and of course we listened to the patients. In fact we listened very very carefully.

‘I’m tired of these nasty drinks that taste nothing like food. Please give me something I can easy really enjoy, that will benefit my body’

Dr Jon Krell along with Chef Alan have created tasty, lower sugar ice creams with this game changing, breakthrough formula. One of Jon’s patients put it so well, ‘at last, nutrition that’s a treat’.

Revitalising Nutrition with our proprietary formula

The science of our breakthrough DJK8 encapsulated formation of 8 key vitamins and minerals.

Dr Jon Krell has designed a unique, game changing formula DJK8, driven by clincal study and over 20 years of cutting edge research and deep understanding as a doctor and oncologist.

“…This tastes much more appealing than Ensure. If it was recommended by my doctor I would have it daily…”

75 year old resident in a care home 

“…I don’t like Protein products usually because of the taste and texture and I don’t normally eat any icecreams apart from Gelato but I really enjoyed this. This can be eaten as a treat and is nutritional for days when I fell unwell. Great product!…”

Patient tester